Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What price relationship ?

Ever since I had turned a freelancer 15 months back, I’ve been approached by partners from several Investment Banks each with different intentions. Some wanted to hire me, others wanted business to be channeled their way. It did not surprise me since most of them had read my blogs and had found something common, interesting and worthy of mutual exploration. I had always been open so long as it excited me, be it a position on offer or a strategic partnership on fair terms.

But one thing common in all these tete-a-tete has been the question on *relationships*. They invariably ask “what relationships you have or can bring to us ?”. It made a lot of sense since in I-Banking industry, ready relationships meant not having to waste time on introductions or cold calling investors or PE / VC fund managers, when you have a worthy client. Eventually we rattle out our acquaintances and the conversation goes on.

Some of them act up. They come up with some nondescript client having some hollow business plan with little fundamental strength and ask whether we can get them some investors. Without sounding judgmental, I ask for more information, a web site to search in and anything like an executive summary or some information memorandum or at least a business plan, on the basis of which I can form my thoughts. Some will have that ready, others will say they’ll send it across (mostly don’t come back).

There’s a third group which is more adventurous. They say, “we are putting together that information, but we need your help here”. Probe a little deeper what *help* they need, it would be something like a company in a deep mess, founder having a history of siphoning off funds, out to leverage the buoyant sentiment in the stock market by merely changing the name of the company and its objects clause. Anything goes here, a financial services company could be renamed into a clean energy company or a textile mill resurrected as an Infotech venture. Surprisingly they quote examples of many that have gotten away and they’d be right since I knew of some myself.

The relationship they seek is for palming off such deals. I had often wondered - how can these people be so naïve that just because you have a prior relationship with a PE fund, they’ll be ready to invest in a doubtful venture ? Every PE fund does a scrupulous due diligence on each deal that comes before it that it wants to invest in. I am yet to come across a PE firm that would invest in a business just because it was brought along by a reputed investment bank. All of them have their own internal well laid investment processes and every deal will have to go thro that filter. When that being the case, relationships don’t get you investments – it’s the fundamental strength of a business and how well it resonates with the PE firm’s objectives, in the way it stacks up as a sound investment destination.

If I were to look for a potential candidate or partner, I would look for independent research capabilities, ability to draw insights, the instant relationship building ability and sound knowledge of the PE industry in India, which firm likes what industry, domain expertise, latest rounds of funds raised etc. Asking for ready made relationships can only be of use if you have a superb client needing no introduction. For the rest, you need people who can look straight in the eye of the managements and tell them to get their things organized before seeking investor participation.

Wouldn’t you agree ?

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