Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Can Subhash Menon be cool with this ?

Subhash Menon must have found it overvalued if he didn’t say “Oops, I missed it” ! Or has he had his fill with Azure and Syndesis under his belt ?
I was a bit surprised to see him letting go off Cibernet to PE firm Warburg Pincus. Who am I to guess ? It could even be that he felt SubexAzure’s leadership in telecom OSS space is so formidable that the solutions portfolio offered by Cibernet [of financial settlement of voice, data, and m-commerce transactions, inter-company billing protocols, roaming administration tools and financial settlement programs] looked just plain vanilla.

Taking a close look at the services provided by Cibernet to over 300 wireless operators across the globe, SubexAzure will have to go some length before it can be the Full Monty in this space. Subhash may keep his nose to the grindstone, but the kind of revenues, customer portfolio and market share presented on a platter by Cibernet is alluring. Fresh from the acquisition and integration of Syndesis, he could be excused for feeling pleasantly weary if not suffering from acquisition fatigue.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. No room for let ups.

I'm just a freelance I-Banker and a blogger. Subhash should know better.

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