Friday, September 07, 2007

Will India's IT vendors turn realty players?

Pune factories going the Mumbai Mill-land way… Turning into expensive real estates. Bajaj Auto looks like exploring turning its Akurdi plant into developed real estate.

Judging by the little or no R&D investment by India’s famed IT vendors, recently endorsed by Indis’s distant 46th ranking in global IT map, what are the odds for Infosys, Wipro and TCS to junk their businesses and turn realty plays? Satyam already has its "Maytas " group (got by reversing “S.a.t.y.a.m”) of companies into which it can morph any day.

Going by the large swathes of land and building they hold, You can’t grudge them that… Benefits? Besides the huge value that they can unlock, here they don’t have to face up to an IBM, Accenture and EDS or to brood about higher visa costs, rising wage costs, Rupee depreciation, poor skill levels, shrinking margins, attrition levels….

Aside of that, few will see any great organic upsides in the near term to their shareholders…

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