Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I pat my back

One great upside to blogging as I see it is that you can pick up on a weak signal, apply your own logic, speculate outcomes, post it over the Web and attract comments. Then validate your foretelling skills against what appears in the mainstream media much later. So what’s so great about it? Date stamps. If your deduction of likely outcomes precedes the subsequent endorsement in mainstream media, your logic is flawless. You can rely on it and take critical decisions with greater confidence. It’s a great joy. I’ve had it on quite a few occasions before. Here and Here.

This morning I had yet another. I find the lead editorial in today’s ET endorsing what I speculated three days earlier – on what Reliance Power `out-of-the-box bonus’ means to investors. When tallied point by point, I’ve a few extra points to my credit that’s yet to be spotted by mainstream hacks. Here is the next salvo from R-Power, just as I had guessed.

Meanwhile, I plod on… A sharp logic is indispensable in my line of work – private equity deal scouting and bug fixing :)

Update : Not sure if R-Power has execution capabilities on the power generation and distribution front. It’s current priority is bonus distribution :-)

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