Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Go, celebrate democracy

Dither. Dither. Dither. Looks like this is the new way to govern... The Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs (CCPA) will meet tomorrow at 8 am to consider raising petrol, diesel and cooking gas prices. They still are meeting even as crude prices soar, oil marketing companies bleed, inflation is nowhere near control. PSU Banks and Small savings scheme interest rates are way below inflation rates. Government was quick to cut rates in succession and when it comes to hiking it, they are still “meeting tomorrow” or “under consideration” mode – just as in Oil prices. Go, celebrate democracy!

Here I quote Pritish Nandy

“So angry is the middle class that the Congress is losing every bypoll, every election. Despite having a world class economist as Prime Minister, no one trusts their ability to manage the economy. The excuse is inflation. But what's the single most important factor, apart from increased taxes, that stokes inflation? Fuel prices. Fuel prices impact everything. Yet the common man is never told what the actual cost of fuel is, though we are constantly badgered by statistics that claim the State-owned oil companies are making huge losses to subsidise us. What's hidden from you and me is that there are a whole lot of invisible taxes and duties the Government collects from every litre of fuel sold. In other words, the much maligned Left is right.”

I agree. Left is often right – except in States where they rule (Kerala, West Bengal) where they make sure nothing works.

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