Monday, August 04, 2008

The charity incentive

“The Inflation can drop below 8 % if confluence of factors like fall in global crude oil followed by a good monsoon work”, says Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council (EAC) Chairman C Rangarajan.

It touched 11.98 per cent for the week ended July 19.

And then? The improved fiscal conditions would be used as an excuse to pursue populist schemes in an election year. The government already have to fund the generous farm loan write offs ($18 billion at the last count) and the liberal pay hikes to the government staff ($5 billion in arrears and $2.5 billion annual outgo). The latter is now deferred (a bungling government waking up to the folly?) emphasizing the thoughtlessness of the award. Now I think of the majority tax paying tribe that gets no benefit from any of it - the non-government employee citizen or a farmer with no loan outstanding. You think I am biased? Here is Moody’s rating, for the record !

I might rather donate all my taxable income to the Red Cross. That will make me feel a lot better.

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