Friday, January 23, 2009

L&T had no other option

As more than active observer of stock markets, I was just wondering what would I do if I were heading Larsen & Toubro, that bought 4% of Satyam stock at Rs.170 apiece earlier this month, after which the stock just collapsed to Rs.20 levels...?

I would have just bought up more. Not just for averaging, since L&T has an infotech arm that isn't going anywhere, this is the best opportunity to hire a company that has some marquee customers like GE.

And they seem to have done exactly that... I, like anyone else was stunned by the volume of over 300 million shares that got traded in NSE and BSE tody. First I thought it was the interest because of new suitors (iGate). Later I get to know L&T was buying up. But it certainly didn't hurt... I exited my positions when the stock touched 39.25 and made a neat profit...

Will re-enter tomorrow between Rs.35 - 40 levels, if I get it.... I feel L&T should still be bying up until its 15% with them and then proceed to make an open offer for further 20% and as usual I wouldn't wait to tender, will just exit during the melee in the market and retreat to the sidelines...

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