Friday, May 22, 2009

Press "Sell"

So, the stock market has shrugged off its sloth, at least for the time being. The election results that brought back a seemingly stable Congress government clearly turbo charged the markets. That woke up many a sleeping investor and money no longer waits on the sidelines. That bodes well for valuations and for most companies it is clearly up by 50% from October 2008 lows.

They say banks are now all the more willing to lend to enterprises. Rising valuations will recharge the primary markets for sure going by the steady stream for DRHP filings with SEBI.

If that indicates improvement in liquidity (even to Real Estate companies that are now busy taking the QIP routes), I am sure I-Bankers will be on their toes to do M&A deals. But that’s exactly where I come from. When valuations are rising, it’s time that a few Indian companies should be selling out, not acquiring. Imagine if Tata Steel sold out to Corus, Hindalco to Novelis and Tata Motors divesting instead of acquiring JLR during the previous bubble ? They could’ve even reacquired these companies now when valuations of those companies have plummeted and Indian markets see a surge in liquidity. May be this is wisdom in hindsight, but they also say history repeats itself.

So it’s a word of caution from yours truly. More because I am selling my large cap holdings and swapping them for good mid / small caps that return 30% in as much as a week. It’s not a sound parallel I know, but then who can stop a blogger from speaking his mind ?

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