Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dick anyway !

I’ve always been a great fan of the `inside CEO’.

That’s no great find, agreed. Insiders, I mean those who have significant stakes in the lasting success of enterprises such as its various stakeholders including Shareholders, long serving employees or its largest suppliers or even beneficiary community members will certainly make a better CEO than wet-behind-the-ear B-School graduates that have just one goal – "personal prosperity. Let the enterprise go to hell."

Here’s a report on HBR survey that just confirms it.

Imagine a Reliance minus Dhirubhai in the mid 80’s –mid 90’s ? Or worse, try putting a jargon wagging B-School cartoon in his place? One reason why Lehman Bros collapsed could be that it’s CEO was not someone with Lehmann as his second name. It had a dickhead at the top, sorry his name was Dick Fuld. Dick anyway !

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Jim Bauer said...

I've always felt that the best CEOs are the ones who have a true entrepeneurial spirit. They come in to a business and they feel they own it, and they treat it as though the source of their success and monetary gain stems DIRECTLY from their efforts to build the company up.

Too often CEOs today are paid way too much, and really don't lose anything if they fail...except their seat of course. But by then they've walked away with millions.