Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Heads I win, Tails you lose theory of Mutual Funds

"..India's top asset management companies (AMCs) have continued to remain profitable, nomatter whether mutual fund investors made money or not in the tough market conditions. Rather, top players have posted growth in their profitability during financial year 2011-12..." 
I was suspecting this all along and exactly the reason why I hardly ever invest in mutual funds.  To those who solicited my custom (especially the executives at ICICI and HDFC Mutual Funds whom I had to sadly turn down each time they cold call me) I pop the question "will you charge me even if  my portfolio created by you wilts under water...?"  Their reply has always been in the affirmative and that was something that I could never digest. This spurred me on to quit my job and start my own investment management business  with a spunky slogan "...We wouldn't charge you unless we help make enough for yourself..."   I can proudly claim that I'd been keeping up that promise.
All my clients will swear by that, something that helps me effortlessly wean away clients that got creamed by portfolio managers and mutual funds and sincerely hope they keep going down that one way street so that my business is in tact, ethically miles ahead of them...!!!

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