Sunday, July 01, 2007

Infosys-Capgemini...did we get it right?

Read it recently. But why Capgemini? The next sound I heard was the bam bam bam of my head banging against the wall.

May be the mongers got it wrong. The space getting too crowded, Rupee appreciation that shows no sign of relenting, Visa woes, wage inflation and attrition getting out of hand - for Infosys, there never was a better time for a sellout. Organic scale up plans and revenue growth would depend on faster recruitment of skilled engineers that is in severe short supply. May be an Accenture, IBM, EDS or even CG bid for Infosys makes a better sense…
Infosys management has been assiduous all along and I trust them for their deliberative approach. They wouldn’t load up debt in their balance sheet for acquiring a CG that it cannot discipline. CG is way too big, imbibed a lot of bad habits and is diverse in culture. Founders using the revolving door, rumors of a senseless acquisition….it looks like a dry run to me before a more dramatic something at Infosys…?

Shall we call it a sellout dance…?

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