Thursday, July 12, 2007

Now join the chorus

Just as we thought the sub-prime mortgage woes have abated in the U.S, the after shocks begin.

Going by the news from the Wall Street, two credit-rating agencies stripped away the fragile masks of shaky mortgage securities held by Hedge Funds, exposing their worthless sides. Alarms also were sounded yesterday for the nation's banks when the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. is looking "very carefully" at how many banks are holding junk mortgage paper, particularly a tainted and repackaged version of the risky junk bonds, known as collateralized debt obligations (CDOs.)

An estimated $1 trillion of CDOs are said to be held by over leveraged funds that could be the first to crack. Ripple effect is sure to be felt across the global economy thanks to the flatness of the financial world.

Infosys Q1-08 results unmasked the first roadkill of a surging rupee. With the stream of bad news that we keep hearing from the U.S, the scope for near-term recovery of the dollar is getting remote.

You chose a flat world…. Now join the chorus – “God bless America !”

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