Thursday, October 25, 2007

The art of getting FII accounts

The din is rising. The clamor from brokerages to get FII accounts. At every turn as I meet a head honcho of a brokerage, they have one question to ask – can you give us some FII account?

Now this puzzles me. I have a lot of friends that work for FIIs. I come across them when I meet them on business and at parties. They have the same interests as we have and they are ready to listen to all that talk that makes sense. No big deal. Why make them such “in-demand” exotic beings?

I made friends in FII circles because of just straight talk. Many of them started out as my blog readers, enjoyed or debated what I wrote. They became friends anyway. I don’t tell them what they’d like to hear or ask for their account. I just listen to them, digest their needs and share my personal philosophies about investing. Perhaps they enjoyed it, they’re still my friends.

But if you want those contacts, well, I suggest you do it the old fashioned way. Get your existing clients to make some money and have them walk the talk…. Or just let me do it for you…!!

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