Monday, October 22, 2007

A quick and clean surgery...?

He may not have gotten the coverage like a Chris Cox gets. But M.Damodaran, Chairman of SEBI is no less charismatic.

He stood his ground on restricting the use of participatory notes (P-notes) by foreign institutional investors, but made two important announcements.

The first is to allow proprietary sub-accounts of foreign institutional investors (FIIs) — i.e. sub-accounts that are formed to invest their own money — to issue P-notes provided they apply to register themselves with SEBI in the next 24 hours.

The second is to put registration of FIIs on the fast track. Addressing FII representatives from all over the world through a video conference, Damodaran, however, said the issue of offshore derivative instruments by other sub-accounts of FIIs will not be possible after the changes it proposed last week come into force.

Hope Damodran performed this surgery quick and clean, like he fixed the mess at UTI. Now will the market get back to its surge up north…?

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