Monday, December 17, 2007

Infrastructure revamp...? Plan for relocation too

Vinayak Chatterjee has a nice take on new measures required to catalyze badly needed infrastructure investments.

Chatterjee has cited several refreshingly fresh initiatives included in two special committee reports DPCR and SCR.

But aside of what is contained in that summation, not just the socialist in me, but the sensible capitalist also still don’t see how they are going to relocate those who get displaced when new infrastructure comes up. You invest billions of dollars in creation of new infrastructure and don’t plan for relocation of those that used to make a living out of the pre-displaced environs and that’s terrible. In China, they are facing a backlash because of this. Let’s not repeat it in India because here we don’t rule with an iron fist. Our governments live from election to election or worse till a mid-term poll in these times of coalition governments.

The short sighted acts like this breed Mayawatis and C.K.Janus here… The former wanted to build shopping malls around Taj Corridor (and gobbled up Rs.1.75 billion in the process) and the latter defiled the pavements of Kerala Secretariat. Haven’t we had enough of them and their antics…?


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