Thursday, May 08, 2008

Own your Investment Bank

What got started as a hobby, a sort of silent mutiny against mediocre employers that lacked agression and nerve has now grown into a full fledged business model. I am talking about my own Private Equity / Venture Capital advisory business that up until now has been a sole propreitory outfit advising startup / expansionary stage companies on a variety of issues elaborated in the presentation embedded on top. (Just mouse over it and click when thumbnail appears).

My take on the industry can be found here, here and here. If you think like me and have put in over a decade in the industry, you know what I mean. Now that the markets are a lot sober and deals harder to come by because owners think their businesses are undervalued. PE/VC firms are not getting enough deals at the same pace as they raise funds. We need to bridge that gap, fast. It's the time to put well intentioned and innovative deal structures (not removed from the realm of common sense) to work. The excitement and the reward are ours, up for grabs.

That's why I chose this moment to assemble a strong in-house team, catalyze and grow big. I am looking for experienced, entrepreneurially inclined analysts / investment banking professionals (from financial / operating streams) with just one caveat. Be ready to *own* a piece of this enterprise to be based out of Mumbai (initially). With our enlightened vision, unstinted support and excellent connections, I hope it should grow into a mid-sized investment bank within about three years from now.

Do you have what it takes...? Just write in with your resume and investment potential to me at kmonyb [at] gmail [dot] com

Update : Here is more proof of opportunity I am after - big firms saying no to (not so) small mandates. Small players never had it better. What keeps you on hold? Enough of helping your boss get rich. Grow so big and rich, I mean rich enough not to waste your time. Do write in or drop a comment to this post!


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