Monday, May 19, 2008

Vacation (in a) spot

Global funds go ballistic over India’s infrastructure scene. Some statistic –

The no. of PE deals struck in the first four months of 2008 were 156 for a total investment of $4.94 billion. Over the same period in 2007, we had 136 deals and $3.42 billion. However, fund houses are going slow on investments seeking reasonable valuations. In April, 08 the no. of PE deals inked was 32 and aggregating $560 million, down from 35 deals worth $1.21 billion in March. In February, the number of PE deals struck was 27 and amounting to $1.48 billion.

Sign of slackening pace and harder wrangling between investors and fund seekers. Recently a mid-sized I-banking executive told me he’s planning a long vacation, away at idyllic Kovalam beach. He sounded glad because for the last two years, he had no time for anything other than work. Now that mandates have slowed down, he and his tribe are taking a break.

But this morning I read this piece of news. I hope the guy gets to enjoy his full vacation with his family. The way it sounds, he could get summoned soon to make it back home. Balmy beaches and silver sands don’t go anywhere; good times do :-)

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