Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lay the decoy, draw the blinds, go goose hunting

The wild see-saws in the market has leveled many a prophets of boom and doom. Where have they all gone? Now all of them seem to have gone into hibernation. The clients have deserted them. While some muster the energy to come and talk about clients asking them “is it time to get in?” Yeah, they ask. But get in they won’t in a hurry.

I see companies losing money by the ton with Rupee reversing its run up. Despite upward revision in retail fuel prices, govt subsidies and oil bonds, the Oil marketing companies are busy making new losses. Politics is another big spectacle with everyday new numbers of supporters and turncoats for the impending trust vote.

Enough uncertainty, huh? The waters are troubled and murky. Good time to go fishing? Or should we settle for some goose hunting?

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