Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not bad being a contrarian

So RBI unveils credit policy and sends chill down the nation’s spine revising GDP growth expectation to 7.9% as against 8.1% earlier.

Repo rate up by 50 bps is now at a record 9%. CRR is up by 25 bps and it is at 9% too.

On the back of high oil and fertiliser subsidies, farm debt waiver and the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations, how bad can things get? Let me mangle definition of optimism, true contrarian style - wait till things get so bad that the only way for them is to get better.

I should know. The stock markets have given a thumbs down by falling around 4%. The two sugar stocks I bet on have moved up by 7% and 8% today. My portfolio inched up by 2.6% too.

Not bad, huh!

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