Sunday, September 28, 2008

Get your act together, IT vendors...!

Readers of this blogstream should be wary of my screams for innovation in India’s IT vending space.

Now here is an analysis that explains why overwhelming focus on one sector – Financial Services – is extremely vulnerable. With the Wall Street turmoil, some of India’s big IT outsourcing vendors face a frosty weather.

I shall repeat. Go beyond BPO, ADM and easily replicable services. Differentiate. Make meaningful dents in diverse high-end fields like system integration, data center management, remote architecture support, process automation coupled with product innovations that stun the markets with their utilities and features.

And…And…And… Focus on domestic market. You’ll be in far better control. See Bharti has awarded its $1 billion IT infrastructure maintenance contract to IBM, not to any of our famed vendors ;-)

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