Monday, September 01, 2008

The leftist misfit

In Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, the progressive Chief Minister of WB, we get to see a helpless reformist that doesn’t enjoy the support of his party colleagues.

After Mamata Banerjee, the Trinamool Congress leader managed to stop work on Tata Nano project at Singur, now it’s the turn of real estate major DLF to push the CM with “act-fast-or-else-we-move-out” language. DLF has plans to develop 4840 acres at Dankuni, 20 kilometres from Kolkata at a cost of Rs.330 billion. It has paid Rs.2.7 billion to the state government as advance, but only 20 acres have been acquired so far.

Recently while meeting corporate leaders in WB, to a question on “government-sponsored bandhs” and “Opposition-sponsored bandhs,” the Chief Minister replies: “I do not support any bandh. I agree it is not helping anyone...But unfortunately as I belong to one party and they call a strike, I keep mum.”

Then he added, to loud applause: “But I have finally decided that next time I will open my mouth.” Woof! This is spunk.

Could this be the man the WB can afford to disgruntle? It’s difficult to make up our minds who has erred in this whole drama. Have the govt. acted in haste in allowing these industries to acquire farm lands of poor farmers? Have they not been offered the right prices? Have the jobs offered in these projects adequately compensated for the loss of farm income for those land owners? And finally, what else does Mamata want?

Buddha is too right to remain a leftist misfit. Mamata didi looks more left than right. She should join the Left and Buddha should leave WB and head for Gujarat, Maharashtra or other industry friendly states if he wishes to feel welcomed (Read “CPI(M) distances itself from Buddhadeb's remarks “ topic)

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