Thursday, December 11, 2008

Breaking the back of Indian Realty

Readers of this blog may be wondering why there is a sudden slowdown in posts. Well the truth is there is not much worthy of finding a place here and I don’t post something that I don’t feel seriously about. Moreover, volatility in the stock market has given me little time to waste and make use of every available opportunity to make a quick buck. After all, it’s time we make some money now that the market has occasional rallies – bear market or not.

Now I find this. Realty prices in India could correct by over 30% - now this is it. This is when reality dawns on realty. How long could they hold back? Stock markets have given a thumb down to the sector, there is a credit crunch and bankers are loath to lend to real estate players. But these scums wouldn’t budge. Now it seems their back is breaking.

I am normally not a saddist. But as far as unreasonable realty sector is concerned, I’d gladly be one.

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