Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SATYAM is up for grabs, pal

Ok. Enough is said about SATYAM COMPUTERS in the last one week. I come straight to the point. Dice begins to roll on who gets to buy SATYAM now that it is a sitting duck for a strategic investor / a PE raider. Want proof? Check out the huge volume of 90 million shares changing hands in the Indian stock exchanges (NSE and BSE) even as we still have a good 2 hours of trading left!!

I stuck my neck out and wanted a piece of action. Bought some SATYAM stock today. Here is some perspective on the India Offshoring scenario that I checked out before buying it. Feels good, buddy... the stock is already up by 5% from the price I bought...

So....I am already in-the-money :-) on my SATYAM buy of this morning. Aren't you too?

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