Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The DLF dilemma

To invest or not to ?

DLF IPO never ceases to surprise by contrasts. The moment I finish reading a news that says overwhelming response by Institutional investors to its mega IPO, there’s another article which elaborates why the IPO should be dumped by investors.

The issue opened on Monday 11 June. On the second day, the issue was subscribed by 1.28 times. However, the retail investors have not given warm response to the country's biggest IPO, as the retail portion was subscribed merely 0.101 times.

Valued at the higher end of the price band, the company would be the eighth largest by market capitalisation, post-listing. With negative cash flows and current earnings abysmally low compared with future projections, the company is demanding its price relying solely on its vast land holdings, the value of which is not clear.

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