Tuesday, June 12, 2007

They've got balls, yeah !

I was a bit ahead of time then. I am referring to a few US based entrepreneurs interested in raising VC funding for their businesses who had approached me earlier. The businesses were robust, had global delivery models, could’ve been easily replicated in cost advantaged locations – yet Indian VCs weren’t interested. Remember, it happened at a time when most Indian VCs were crying hoarse about lack of investible ideas available locally.

Imagine my relief when I found ICICI Venture has bought out the venture investors from the Seattle, Washington, based Radiant Research for an undisclosed sum.

ICICI Venture has bought out the stake of the original venture capital backers of Radiant who had stayed invested in the company for about 10 years. “Our original venture capital investor group had been involved with Radiant since our inception in 1998. This change in ownership represents a natural transition from a start-up company to an established company with the financial resources to strategically advance all of our late phase service offerings,” said Pamela Spaniac, CEO of Radiant Research. “We are particularly excited about the potential for international expansion opportunities that ICICI Venture will provide.”

Now at least I know one Indian VC that has balls – to look beyond boders.

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