Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New chic in town

TATA group is into everything. Well, almost.

You name it, they have it - Automotives, IT, Steel, Hospitality, Retail, Tea, Coffee, Insurance, Investments and a lot other. I sometimes wonder how long can they miss out on the lucrative business of Investment Banking. The business is strong that even one time boutiques like Avendus and MAPE Group have grown big in a very short time. Take a look at the incessant flow of M&A deal traffic (TATA must have paid quite a bit themselves recently) and you can see it. An old war horse like the TATA group cannot stay away from commercial sweet spots for long.

I am not too sure whether I vibed with him, but Ratan Tata probably had an epiphany on similar lines. They are getting into it now. Here’s the story for you – TATA CAPITAL is hatching.

All you CEOs of I-Banks, your people now have one more place to go....A very good one at that. So just get liberal with employee bonuses and keep them happy. Not exactly the time to worry about margins !

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