Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Buying a shell calls for skill

Heard this on the grapevine a few days back from my deal sourcing network. Mrs.Radhika Saratkumar, Southern Film and TV personality and holding over 51% founding stake in Radaan Mediaworks is desirous of diluting her stake. As usual I began my initial scanning and looked up the company, its business and operational framework. The company has established a formidable reputation as leading southern production house and Ms.Radhika is known to be a very balanced person with whom artists love to work with unlike Ekta Kapoor who is known to be quite domineering.

But then take Ms.Radhika out of the game, the company loses its radiance. She is the creative centre of gravity as far as its operations are concerned, which is production of TV soaps mainly for the southern audience. A couple of media investors whom I had talked to felt it could be a good buy if Ms.Radhika agrees to continue assisting the business. But creativity has to come from heart and after she cashes out, you can’t expect the same level of inspired originality that has been the hallmark of her work so far.

Later I heard, Ramesh Vangal of Katra group with diverse business interests is eying that stake. May be he has an ace up his sleeve.

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