Friday, April 04, 2008

Too much for a single day?

Business Standard cites M/o Commerce release and reports FDI equity inflows in the month were more than the entire annual inflows from 1991-92 to 2004-05. Inflows into India in February stood at $5.67 billion, the highest-ever during any month since 1991. On a year-on-year basis, the Feb inflows were 712 per cent higher than the $698 million inflows in February 2007.

So you took it to mean investment outlook in India remains strong since FDI is usually slapped with lock-in terms. With more money pumped into the system, can inflation be far behind?

So I get to read this and this. Both the key stock indices, the BSE Sensex (down 500 points) and the S&P CNX Nifty (down 124 points), lost some ground yesterday as the government announced a record inflation rate of 7 per cent, a three-year high. The latest surge is partly on account of a jump in metallic mineral prices. The primary articles sub-index, which has a weight of 22.02 per cent in the WPI, rose 1.8 per cent over the previous week on account of a steep 38.2 per cent rise in metallic minerals, a 4.9 per cent surge in vegetable prices and a 1 per cent increase in oilseeds.

It means “expect turbulence till you fly out of inflation headwind” – well that could be about 12-18 months till you get the full impact of all clamp down measures?

Burning question – what do we do? Left to myself, I would rather go fishing in style, if I get lucky like this guy, David Sneath !

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