Sunday, November 11, 2007

Got answers, thank you Ravi...

Ravimohan hits it on the head…. Here he kind of answers my question (that ended my previous post) “where are we going wrong or is it just me?”

“Therein lies the fragility in our growth story. Given rapid increase in demand, and the slower response to capacity in select yet vital sectors, asset prices have now become unattractive and, in some cases, limiting. Real estate, as an example, is seriously over-priced. It is taking housing out of the reach of a large section of population and is making business, especially in the services industry, uncompetitive to be conducted from major centres in India. The crumbling city infrastructure is adding to the urban population’s woes by presenting a paradox of inhuman living conditions at a world-class premium.”
Thank you, Ravi...

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