Thursday, November 15, 2007

Who wants to change...?

Read this.
Don’t you notice how patient, caring, open and honest our politicians and bureaucrats at RBI and MoF are with this guy, Raghuram Rajan, Finance professor at U/Chicago and till recently, Chief Economist at IMF, despite his absolutely horrible and utterly embarrassing behavior?

Haven’t we heard it – what’s-wrong-with-Indian economy rant – before from others that matter? Jagdish Bhagwati, Amartya Sen and almost every Indian/India born personality that had the view from 30,000 miles up have talked about it. But have we ever changed? Nah… That’s how we maintain our culture and heritage, even at the cost of growth.

We don’t need these guys to tell us how to do things right. We know it all. We are so broad minded that we ask for and accept all in-the-face rip-ins and heed none. That’s our magnanimity, you know. If America is land of the free, we are a land of free-for-all. We would invite people the moment they become famous, occupy the highest seat of a global institution or a corporation and seek out their opinion. How proactive, you see? They come, shower their views, present it all in a platter and we archive them all – religiously. That means it can be opened only on auspicious occasions, after an elaborate puja and tuck it back in to retrieve it only in another auspicious year and hour.

Execution…? Forget it. That’s none of our business. Who wants to rectify the situation and restore the natural order of the universe… Not us, at least…

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