Thursday, November 15, 2007

Here's my wish list, your honor...

This is friggin' great. Courts tell the state of U.P to go to hell and directs sugar mills to pay Rs.110/- per quintal. The state wanted the mills to pay Rs.125/- per quintal to the cane farmers when in the open market, the finished product was going for Rs.85/-. Some respite this.

I have an idea. Why not put up my own wish list… The courts can take it up suo motu

a) Allow 50% ethanol doping and allow the mills to make it directly from sugar cane (no need to produce sugar and then ethanol). Besides reducing consumption of fossil fuel, it would make us least dependent on crude oil that’s tipping at $100 a barrel. Who wants to be an oil slave? (I’ve bought sugar stocks cheap; I want to make some money, goddammit !)

b) Impose sectoral rotation of stocks to be bought by FIIs and domestic MFs. Give other stocks a fuckin’ chance to run up. (Not just Reliance, Infrastructure, Banks and power stocks. I forgot to buy them.) Give an order that says something like, “no stock should run up by more than 25% unless at least 50% of the stocks arranged in the order of their market cap catches up”. [One more time I read about the Ambani wealth, I’ll choke to death; I hold tech, auto components and sugar stocks and the fuckin’ scrips stay frozen like Ice sheets on the poles! Rate of global warming is too slow at least for me…)

c) Long term capital gains tax can never be reimposed [until I book my profits that is. Go tax wherever I don’t have an interest in. All my investments are long term (by default, stupid !)]

d) If Rupee appreciates any further, there should be a blackout and all satellite links should be automatically down. Allow people to exit investments in technology stocks before the currency trading screens light up. [I need a cell phone alert during the trading hours the day before, bokay?]

e) My mother tells me, onion prices are way up. Take a look at that too. Do something about it.

That’s my wish list for this week, your honor… Will you oblige…? Namaste Ji...!

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