Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's like yesterday once more...

Remember that sweet song by carpenters "it's yesterday once more"?....
Most of my leads come from my friends in Investment Banking circles. I guess it’s got to do with their internal policies that do not allow cold calling. Freelancers like me are always game if there’s a deal at the other end, we’ll only be too happy to go the extra mile and kick some butt. The deal eventually will flow to those who gave me the lead and I get paid for the lead conversion into a paying client. Cool.

A couple of weeks back I got a whiff of Subhash Chandra’s ICL developing cracks and is hurriedly looking for Private Equity infusion. I couldn’t believe what I heard. ICL is a nascent concept, has a good format that when priced optimally will give BCCI a run for the money. Where did they screw up?

Today I find, ICL has been facing trouble raising team, ground and on-air sponsorships with several companies – Bisleri and Axis Bank among them – pulling out. As a result, ICL hasn't yet been able to sign any sponsorship deals yet. But for God’s sake, why can’t ICL host its matches from say, Australia or England and beam it into Asian subcontinent…? It can beat BCCI wrath and win the sponsors as well…can’t it? ICL stands a better chance of roping in overseas brands as well…

Subhash Chandra, in the past has had mixed luck. He had hit it off with Zee TV, Citi Cable and slightly off track Essel Packaging but failed in a slew of ambitious ventures like Agrani Satellite program after poaching a few scientists from ISRO. Those were my early days in the business and were almost open source case studies. They gave me some early perspectives into big business that no B-School faculty could ever have imbibed.

I might thank all those experiences for bringing me to where I stand now. It saved me that gouge of a B-School fee in the process…. :)

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